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Cataract Surgery Cost in Mumbai

Cataract is vapour of the lens that affects vision. It's the foremost common disease amongst senior individuals and could be a major reason for visual disorder and sightlessness worldwide. In India, 3.8 million cataract cases add p.a. to the already existing backlog of cataract cases. Cataract procedure is that the most common surgical operation performed within the population aged over sixty.


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Cataract surgery is done on one eye at a time. So if someone has cataracts in both eyes, the procedures will likely be schedule several weeks apart. The cataract surgery takes about 15 minutes. To remove the cataract, surgeon makes a tiny incision at the side of the eye, uses a small ultrasound instrument to break up and remove the cataract natural lens and then puts new artificial lens implant in its place.


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